Indonesia soon to start direct flights operation with Pakistan : Adam Tugio

Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan Adam Tugio in a pleasant mood handshake after an interview with Sr, Journalist and Diplomatic Correspondent Shabbir Hussain here at Indonesia Embassy

By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, Feb 19 (Diplomatic Star): Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan Adam Tugio said that his country is going to start its direct flights operation with Pakistan

In an exclusive interview with Alliance News, the ambassador said that the initiative aimed at to facilitate the business community of both countries and to enhance people to people contact.

The ambassador said that we were receiving a large numbers of complains from the business community of both countries regrading the long travel, and high cost air tickets due to none availability of direct flights from his country to Pakistan.

He has urged the Pakistani business community to look at Indonesia as a trade hub for expanding its export to the huge market of more than 640 million people in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Replying to another question, the ambassador said Pakistan is blessed with scenic beauty and wonderful landscapes.

It has huge tourism potential which can be enhance by ensure more facilities for tourists to attract them.

To another question, Ambassador Adam Tugio said that Indonesian and Pakistan enjoy excellent relations based on bonds of brotherhood, shared history, culture, mutual respect and trust.

Both the countries have already reached strategic partnership at political level. But trade and economic relations don’t match our political relations;

Therefore, The ambassador said we are now focused on promoting trade relations that would yield highly beneficial results for the economies of both the countries.

Replying to a question about women, The ambassador said women role is more significant for socio-economic growth and sustainable society, The Ambassador said during the COVID-19 pandemic women plays a very important role in the national economy.

In Indonesia, The women has introduced the culture of work from home, encourage entrepreneurship and played a very major role tp stable the country economic condition.

Replying to another question posed by the journalist, He said the food and cultural things are very much similar between Pakistan and Indonesia. It is the right time to connect more people and and exchanges its art and cultural.

Indonesian and Pakistani were fond of spices and that export of spices from Pakistan to Europe and the US was improving due to the increased demand from overseas Pakistanis.

“Since Indonesia is the world’s biggest exporter of spices, we can team up to produce the best quality of garam masala for Pakistani overseas in those continents”, added the envoy.

To another question, The ambassador said Climate Change if the most priority of Indonesia and it has to be focused more to avoid future disastrous.

Replying to a question about Pakistan and Indonesia bilateral relations, 

He said both the countries have deep rooted in mutual respect and support at the regional levels. Pakistan established diplomatic relations with Indonesia in 1950.

The ambassador said that Indonesia-Pakistan bilateral relations have reached an important milestone by celebrating 75 years of their diplomatic ties this year. These relations were established right after the independence of Pakistan in 1947 with the establishment of an Indonesian representative office in Karachi.

The strong fraternal bonds between our countries are based on mutual interests and common values supported by various mechanisms of cooperation reflecting the strong political will and determination of both sides to further extend their collaboration.

In terms of areas of bilateral significance, Indonesia attaches utmost importance to strengthening our multi-dimensional ties by supporting inclusive growth activities, which are essential to achieving sustainable, balanced, and strong economic growth.

The envoy said ” We especially focus on agenda from which both sides can benefit.  In this regard, enhancing economic relations is a priority for Indonesia and we would like to increase our bilateral trade volume and encourage mutual investments.”

As a matter of fact, the Ambassador said  ” We have the basic trade mechanism such as Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) to further deepen our economic relationship. We will make every effort to expand our collaboration in culture, education, tourism, IT and science & technology.”

Pakistani Joshanda and herbal medicine :Ambassador Tugio

Ambassador Adam Tugio said that both Pakistan-Indonesia have a lot of potential in traditional herbal medicines as it increase in the use and trust of traditional methods of treatment and alternative medicine after and during the coronavirus.

The Ambassador said that the use of herbal and traditional medicine like Joshanda is very effective in flu and seasonal allergies.

Personally, The ambassador said that he himself used such harbal medicine and found them so effcetive and termed them much more better for good health.

He said, ” Herbs are also perceived as important sources of healing and precautionary properties; therefore, the consumers are also demanding green label products. Using traditional Greco-Arab and Islamic medicine was quite common among the Muslim countries during the Golden Age of Arab-Islamic civilization from the seventh to the fifteenth century.”

Herbs are also perceived as important sources of healing and precautionary properties, Adam M. Tugio 

Ambassador Adam M. Tugio said that there has been a significant increase in the use of herbal as an alternative medicine after and during the coronavirusm pandemic.

He added that after the last epidemic virus, Major pharmaceutical companies have not only shown interest but also attracted investment in the traditional medicine and herbal medicine industry.

To another question, Adam Tugio ” I would say that this my ongoing tenure in Pakistan is one of the most exciting and memorable phase of my professional career as a diplomat.”

Adam Tugio said my focus, my vision about bilateral relations, boosting our cooperation in mutual investment, increasing our trade volume, exploring new markets and promoting the friendly ties are among the major goals.

” We focus on trade and commerce since they are important catalyst for economic and social development that generate growth, commercial opportunities and broaden the productive base. I would like to utilize the presence of other helpful catalysts in our friendly ties such as religion, cultural similarities and traditions.”

Indonesia focus to increase its trade, exploring new markets and promoting the friendly ties 

He said there are many potential areas of work between us including infrastructure, transportation and logistics, energy, agro-industry, technology exchange and education together with economy.


He said that joint ventures and new initiatives in this regard would make our relationship stronger, dynamic and more comprehensive with the assistance of friends and partners on both sides.

To question, the Ambassador said that Pakistan continues to be a very important trading partner for Indonesia. It is encouraging to see bilateral trade between the two countries continue to grow.

Mutual visits by delegations from each country, including the Government and corporate levels, are one of the attempts to optimize the increase in bilateral trade. Mutual visits to Trade Expos will allow entrepreneurs to engage with prospective new trade partners with the objective to explore more trade, and two-way investment through business-to-business matching.

Indonesia-Pakistan Trade in Good Agreement

Another avenue. the ambassador said which we are working now is to upgrade the existing bilateral PTA of 2013 into Indonesia-Pakistan Trade in Good Agreement (IP-TIGA) so that the two countries could expand and diversify our traded goods. In this regard, we seek also inputs from business communities of respective country.

Replying to another question or initiatives to boost people to people contacts, the ambassador said I must say that strengthening of people-to-people contacts are vital and better cultural connectivity is in the interest of both sides.

Considering the importance of this element, the ambassador said “we are focusing cultural & academic linkages, discovering shared values and cultural similarities, traditional arts and sports attracting the people to know more about each other.”

Historically, the envoy said  “Our two nations also remained part of the great Buddhist and Hindhu civilizations and later their population gradually converted to Islam. It is important therefore, that we should constantly nurture these socio-cultural bonds, which are greatly valued by our peoples.”

Another important thing is exchange programs on education sectors and scholarships programs will certainly help to cement cultural bridges between citizens of our two brotherly countries.

Student exchange programs have played a significant role in promoting mutual understanding and strengthening bilateral ties between Indonesia and foreign countries.

Indonesia government believes that international students, either those who are still studying in Indonesia or those who have returned to their home countries serve as a bridge between their countries and Indonesia.

Potential of Tourism Between Pakistan-Indonesia

Tourism is another attractive area of cooperation with big potential that provide opportunity to people of various cultures to meet and understand each other. Therefore, the Embassy is doing all possible efforts to promote and expand connectivity among the two peoples.

Ambassador said ” I am very proud to share that the miniature model of the Borobudur temple displayed at the exhibition was made by a Pakistani craftsmen. The exhibition received overwhelming response and attracted people from every walk of life including the diplomatic corps in large numbers. The visitors were amazed at discovering similarities in the cultures of the two countries and showed their great interest in photo exhibition and the diverse range of vibrant and traditional products while enjoying Indonesian tunes played by the Pakistani musicians. I hope that the exhibition served the purpose of introducing the similarities of cultures between the two countries and ultimately bring the people even closer together.”

Talking about the tourism in Pakistan, he said ” I have traveled far and wide in Pakistan and have been lucky to have visited many tourists’ attractions as well.”

Certainly, Pakistan is blessed with beautiful natural tourist’s attractions and the magnificent historical, religious and heritage sites of great international significance. Nathia Gali is my favorite tourist destination. I love the place because of its serenity, scenic beauty and the pleasant weather.  And it is not far from the capital.   No wonder, Nathia Gali’s picturesque landscape is nothing short of a paradise for those who have an eye for nature and wildlife.

Axelsyah R Miraza, Third Secretary of Indonesia Embassy, showing pictures of Pakistan-Indonesia Founding fathers during interview

I think, its breathtaking forest covered hills and the colorful natural environment has the potential to be internationally recognized and needs to be preserved and protected.

Indonesia attracts tourists with its more than 17.000 islands

Regarding the scope of tourism in Indonesia for people of Pakistan, the ambassador said that it is definitely tremendous and huge. Indonesia with its more than 17.000 islands amazes international tourists with its abundance of tropical scenic wonders, internationally recognized heritage sites and the rich diverse culture of its people.

Similarities amongst the founding fathers of two countries Pakistan-Indonesia

Though it is a country of rich traditions, Indonesia is also modern. Across the archipelago, travelers can find a wide variety of urban, leisure and shopping attractions. Indonesia is internationally known to offering safe, affordable, comfortable, attractive, accessible, environmentally-friendly and world class tourist’s destinations.

Talking about the Indonesia role in G-20 Summit, he said that three major agendas have been selected as key pillars to formulate the strategies to accelerate this sustainable, inclusive and strong recovery:  (a) strengthening the global health architecture to better prepare the world to respond to and to cope with future health crises; (b) digital transformation by improving digital skills and digital literacy to ensure inclusive digital transformation enjoyed by all countries; and (c) energy transition to new and renewable energy by prioritizing energy security, accessibility and affordability.

Replying to another question about the people of Pakistan, Pakistan is a unique and beautiful country of friendly, talented and hospitable people.

Pakistan has been at the heart of the great ancient civilizations but the religious influence of Islam is the most common and predominant feature of the country.

Axelsyah R Miraza, posing for the cameraman while showing pictures of Pakistan-Indonesia Founding fathers during interview along with Ambassador Adam Tugio