Fake Pakistanis marriages on rise in USA for Green Card


By Raja Aamir Mahmood Bhatti

ISLAMABAD, Aug 21,  Diplomatic Star (DS): The trend of Pakistani fake marriages or shame marriages on rise in the United States of America (USA) with an intention to obtain a US Green Card for a better future.

This business gains momentum in the USA where several Pakistani and Pakistani-Americans have been involved in such frauds, they are playing a vital role to arrange fake marriages for the purpose of entering in the US and settling the future prospect in the country.

There are several reasons behind this act but mainly few were top among all, the first thing is that to obtain the US nationality mostly people would involve themselves into such fraud marriage with the citizens of the US for the purpose to get legal residential status in the USA.

The 2nd thing is human traffickers are making money through such practices, assisting people both men and women for performing documented marriages and charging them huge amounts in dollars.

“Editor in Chief Diplomatic Star “Exposed Pakistani Fake marriages gangs in USA”

Gangs exposed

How the gangs operate and attracts people and their details information mentioned below and saved with the journalist.

Pakistan’s based journalist, hiding the identity initially (but later on he shows his identity) and pretending as a customer for such marriage, met a Pakistani man named Arbaz Ali Alvi who offers him fraudulently marriage and assure him that he would make sure his stay legal through fake marriage in the United States of America.

Pakistani man named Arbaz Ali Alvi who offers fraudulent or fake marriages in USA and also a beneficiary of fake marriage in USA

Arbaz Ali Alvi disclosed the details of how fake marriage would take place and informed how you would manage a US-citizen woman for the purpose.

During a brief (Self audio recorded by the journalist) discussion on the matter, Arbaz Ali Alvi mentioned the name of his companions including Mirza Shoukat (mastermind) who had revealed some bitter facts behind such marriages.

Investigating more about the details of such marriages and its procedure, the journalist asked various questions about these marriages, its other expenses as a whole.

Responding to queries of future clients, Arbaz Ali Alvi informed how they would enter into a fake marriage, how they will manage legal documents and other essential details for such matters. These are following the main fake marriage scams in which mostly Asian people were involved.

Fake Divorce.

This is one of the main tactics that Pakistanis often adopt in the USA to get married with an American citizen for Green Card after giving a fake divorce to their Pakistani wife and submitting fake documents in America for the purpose.

Replying to a question about the fake paper marriages, Arbaz narrated the story of his Uncle and boss Mirza Shoukat who has committed a marriage in USA for Green Card, Arbaz Ali Alvi said that he (Mira Shoukat) has got Green Card after few years because he was already married in Pakistan.

Arbaz said that Mirza Shoukat has divorce her Pakistani wife and submitted NADRA documents in the USA and added that now Shoukat is living with his new wife in the USA and in contact with his Pakistani wife as well.

Arbaz Alvi explain the whole story that after getting the first and 2nd Green Card or some times after passport, Pakistani people again divorce to US Citizen and get marry with their Pakistani wife to whom (she) they had already given divorce or she may be get divorce twice from two different men’s to fulfill the documented requirement that is demanded by the US immigration authorities.

Arbaz Ali Alvi also admitted that mostly Pakistanis have submitted all fraudulent documents to US Citizenship and immigration services for the purpose of obtaining Green Card and U-Visas for other co-defendants.

Fake marriage story of Arbaz Ali Alvi

Seducing more about the fake marriage, Arbaz Ali Alvi start narrating his own story with the diplomatic star journalist how he enters into fake marriage for Green Card, Arbaz Ali Alvi said that he had sponsored Dubai trip to a girl to whom he got married and bear all visit expenses but this is not confirm that Arbaz’s paper wife visited Dubai or she just got money on the name of Dubai trip.

While responding to the query of journalist about total cost for such marriage, Arbaz Ali Alvi said that huge money in dollars are required, journalist insisted about the figure, Arbaz Alvi said around 25 to 30 thousand dollars.

“Journalist asked about any advance money before marriage” Arbaz disclosed that it was done by his uncle Mirza Shoukat, he also informed that she continues to take money when she visits us. Arbaz Claimed that he did not like her and met only when it was really important to meet or for some work etc.

Arbaz claimed that he disliked his paper wife because of her attitude, using some abusive language against the girl.

Responding to another query about their physical relationship, Arbaz Alvi said that they don’t have such a relationship, we were living together but we didn’t do any kind of physical activity but we were living together for six to seven months.

He said it is purely a business deal between two people, while responding to another query about her paper marriage willingness, Arbaz said I asked her to stay together and let see its outcome and assured the woman if I (Arbaz Ali Alvi) got the Green Card I (He) will compensate you somehow financially.

Responding to another query regarding how long he has waited to apply for Green Card and what kind of interviews occur for the relationship of the couple.

Arbaz Alvi said that he had applied for a Green Card after a month of marriage and received a card after one and half years approximately. While asked about how he trapped women for such acts, Mr Arbaz said seducing the girl at any store where girls are coming as customers as I (Alvi) guided you earlier.

Responding to another query, Arbaz said it was hardest interviews, informing the total 30 minutes interview during which they have been asked through various questions, the Q & A is around 5 minutes rest of the time the authorities spent on computers.

Arbaz Ali Alvi explains that these marriages were not entered into because of mutual love and affection between the couple, but solely to create a legal status that would provide a basis for immigration status for the alien partner for this we have to teach them.

Replying to another query in case of any suspicious or action by the American authorities, Arbaz Alvi said that if they have any kind of suspicion or the facts look ambiguous in the documents, they conduct separate interviews of both (husband and wife) and match their answers.

Arbaz Ali Alvi narrates in both scenarios a fake but looks more real mutual understanding has been created between the couple. Letting them know each and everything about their living room, educate them about their room settings, their bed direction and even the type of toilets they used and place of TV in the room etc.

Arbaz said if the American officials found any suspicion in the answers of participants during the interview, the authorities would stop the process right away.

Giving him a lead to Mr Arbaaz Alvi the journalist reposed another query that all your process is done by Mr Shoukat, Mr Alvi responded back the question and mentioned the help of another man named Zaheer Ahmed. Arbaz Alvi said that Zaheer was a man who gave him a home to live, who found a girl for me and asked me to continue the talk with the girl through SMS and other modes of communication.

Responding to another question again about how much money involved till the arrival of Green Card, Arbaz Alvi confirmed the figure after repeatedly asking about it for 30 to 35 thousand dollars.

Asking about the current status of her paper marriage wife, Arbaz said that he has not divorce her yet, because if he divorce her he would receive an American passport after 3 years and If he continues with the same woman, he would receive the American passport after a year.

Replying to another question Arbaz said now he has been enjoying a 10 years long driving license. Replying to another query about Pakistani Diving license, Arbaz said it was useless here so he threw it away. Mr Arbaz bravely accepted that he is habitual to drive here in USA mostly without keeping a license with him.

Replying to another question regarding what kind of motivation is behind that force Pakistani to adopt the way, Usually, Economic perspective is behind the main reason, Arbaz said the people particularly Pakistani adopted this fraud marriage for some economic benefit to be the United States citizen.

Where Arbaz can move now

Sources said that if members of these gangs feel any threat or action by the US authorities they can easily travel to Pakistan or they can move to Canada by road because after getting the US Green Card they just needed a COVID-19 vaccination verification certificate and PCR report to cross the border.

Innocent people fall prey to these human traffickers’ agents who were using deceitful tactics to entice innocent job and nationality seekers in the USA and they were being trapped in the hands of these criminal people playing with their lives and Image of the Country.

The enticement by human traffickers or agents are so fascinating for the people giving them a dream life in a form of US citizenship.

The role of Mirza Shoukat

Mirza Shoukat Is the man who facilitated Arbaz Ali Alvi and helped him throughout the process of his fake paper marriage with an American woman. Mirza Shoukat is well aware about American culture and different laws and he is a financially stable person who is also a shareholder in two Gas stations or stores and one of them Thirsty Gas station is located at 1120 East Church street Salisbury 21804.

Mirza Shoukat is the one who has already committed a marriage with an American woman and obtained a Green card, so he was well aware of how and what are the legal requirements to be the American citizen.

Sources said that Mirza Shoukat is not interested to have kids from his American wife because he perceives, if he has kids from his American wife, the future children might change their religion because their mother would remain Christen and he has feared she would teach her kids about her religion and culture.

Sources also said that Mirza Shaoukt’s American wife is facing severe depression because Mr. Shoukat is not interested in having kids with her. Mr. Shoukat has a tendency to bring her Pakistani wife after getting married again with her.

It is pertinent to mention here that in Islamic point of view and religion boundaries after giving once a divorce to a wife, a man cannot claim back the same wife until or unless she could marry another man and after spending some days with him. She again can take divorce to get married with her previous husband.

This is such an obnoxious act which Islam does not support or urged to do for some personal benefits.

Mirza Shokat came to know that this journalist is investigating the matter related to fake paper marriages here in the USA and he left the USA around 20th of October for Pakistan.

While feeling strong in native country Mirza Shoukat approached the friends of a journalist who was investigating the matters and demanded them to stop him for this report and threats that if he would not stop his journalistic work related to fake marriages then he and his family would face bitter results and consequences.

Mirza Shoukat also uses some influential personality and contacts to halt the report of this journalist about fake paper marriages in the USA.

Leaving it the whole story for USA and Pakistani Authorities including FIA to investigate such human traffickers’ agents who were using deceitful tactics to entice innocent people and nationality seekers in USA.

These gangs are serious threats for the security of both the countries because they are already involved in criminal activities. The members of such gangs/agents are always placing a bad stigma on the country’s name and reputations.


Public notice 

The gang had been exposed by the journalist in last year 2021 and the news article delayed due to unwanted pressures and threats posed by the Alvi’s gang to journalist and his family for severe consequences.