ITA establishes office in Pakistan, marking 75 years of diplomatic relations


By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, Nov 8 (Diplomatic Star): After a long-standing 75-year history of diplomatic relations between Italy and Pakistan, a significant  milestone has been reached with the establishment of an Italian Trade Agency (ITA) office in Pakistan, said Italian Ambassador to Pakistan, Andreas Ferrarese.

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) is a governmental agency dedicated to supporting the international business development of Italian companies and fostering foreign investment in Italy.

With a modern and motivated organizational structure and a global network of overseas offices, ITA provides Italian small and medium-sized businesses with information, assistance, consulting, promotion, and training. It employs state-of-the-art multi-channel promotion and communication tools to showcase the excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ worldwide.

The envoy said, “I have been working side by side with the Italian Institute of Commerce, whose name is now ITA. The mission of this forum is to promote bilateral trade with other countries.”

He said that an experienced and highly professional individual would work in the office to strengthen trade ties between the two nations.

“The origins of ITA can be traced back to its predecessor, the Italian Institute of Commerce, which has now evolved into ITA.”

“Established over a year ago, ITA is on a mission to promote bilateral trade with various countries, working closely in harmony with diplomats and, more recently, becoming an integral part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

He said, “ITA plays a pivotal role in the field of trade diplomacy, providing technical support and aiding the embassy in crafting effective trade strategies.”

“This involved offering valuable data, coordinating missions, facilitating matchmaking between businesses, conducting B2B interactions, and actively promoting foreign investments” he added.

On the occasion, Commissioner for Trade Salvatore Parano, said, “The growing bilateral relations between Italy and Pakistan and the substantial increase in Pakistan’s exports to the Italian market, which have exceeded one billion dollars.”

“ITA Islamabad will further facilitate the expansion of bilateral trade between the two nations,” Parano hoped.