Indonesia-Pakistan for stronger bilateral relations: Adam M. Tugio

ISLAMABAD, Oct 16 (Diplomatic Star): Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan, Adam M. Tugio, met with Chairman Senate, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani at the Parliament House and discussed matters of mutual interest, culminating in a commitment to strengthen bilateral ties, particularly in the areas of trade and investment.
Chairman Senate expressed his steadfast determination to deepen relations with Indonesia, emphasizing the historical support both nations have provided each other during challenging times.



Acknowledging the intrinsic value of the Pakistan-Indonesia relationship, Chairman Senate highlighted the need to augment economic cooperation, focusing on trade, culture, and tourism.
During the meeting, the favorable investment climate in Pakistan was underscored, with Chairman Senate encouraging Indonesian businessmen to explore investment opportunities.
Stressing the necessity to boost the trade volume between the two countries, he also emphasized the importance of reinforcing parliamentary ties and fostering economic diplomacy.
The parties delved into the intricate situation in Palestine, advocating a resolution aligned with UN resolutions.
Chairman Senate urged world powers to exert pressure on Israel, emphasizing the need to halt the suffering of innocent Palestinians.
In addressing the global challenge of Islamophobia, the Chairman Senate emphasized the significance of unity and consensus among Muslim nations.
Expressing mutual admiration, Ambassador Adam M. Tugio described Indonesia’s view of Pakistan as crucial.
He commended Pakistan’s efforts for regional peace and expressed Indonesia’s keen interest in advancing bilateral relations across various domains.
In closing, both sides affirmed their commitment to further strengthen ties, recognizing the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing regional and global challenges.