Antonis Sykaris climbed world’s second most dangerous peak Annapurna

Antonis Sykaris climbed world's second most dangerous peak Annapurna

By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, Apr 30, Diplomatic Star (DS): Famous Greek climber Antonis Sykaris has climbed the world’s second most dangerous peak Annapurna in Nepal.

After climbing the peak around 8,091 meters elevated height , Antonis Sykaris hoisted the Greek flag over Annapurna. He dedicated his victory to the Greek Nation.

It is pertinent to mention here, there are 14 peaks in the world , higher than 8000 thousand meter Antonis Sykaris became the first Greek mountaineer to climb 5 peaks which are above 8000 meters high.

Antonis Sykaris has summitted the world’s highest peak Mount Everest in 2017.

Antonis Sykaris has also taken part in a campaign to climb the world’s second highest and one of the most dangerous peak, K2, in the winter.

After Climbing Annapurna, Antonis Sykaris said in a message to the Greek nation ,” It is not impossible to achieve any goal in the world, if there is a struggle, there is always victory and to make one’s dreams come true in life, you need to fight with dedication and enthusiasm. Only then can you fulfill your dreams. ”