COP 27 kicks off: Rich countries urged to reduce carbon emissions, besides compensating the poor nations


By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, Nov 7 (Diplomatic Star): World Climate Experts in the United Nations summit on climate change “Cop 27” Sunday demanded of the rich countries to compensate poor countries after natural disasters, besides a warning against backing down on efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

The world is witnessing worst climate change impacts, natural disasters have killed thousands of people worldwide, rendered millions homeless and caused billions of losses in just the last few months.

Massive floods devastated parts of Pakistan and Nigeria, droughts hit Africa and western America, hurricanes battered the Caribbean and 3 continents experienced worst-ever heat waves.

The conference, held in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, is being held in a year full of problems such as Russia’s war against Ukraine, the energy crisis, rising inflation and the lingering effects of Corona.

UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Steele said he would not back down from a goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 45 percent by 2030 to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above late 19th-century levels. can be done

“We will hold people accountable, whether they are presidents, prime ministers or heads of institutions,” Simon Steele said at the start of the 13-day summit.

Alok Sharma, former head of COP26, said, “Although I know that leaders around the world have faced various challenges this year, it must be clear that the present moment is important and timely action is the only way to stop the ravages of climate change.” can delay’.

He asked how many more wake-up calls the world and world leaders need?

The UN’s World Meteorological Organization said the past eight years have been the warmest in the world’s recorded history, with rising sea levels, melting glaciers and accelerating heat waves.

UN chief Antonio Guterres said in a statement that as ‘Coupe 27’ continues, our planet is issuing a disturbing warning.

Delegates yesterday agreed to include the issue of financial loss in the agenda of ‘Coup 27’, Egypt’s ‘Coup 27’ president Sameh Shoukre said that ‘the inclusion of this issue in the agenda is solidarity for the victims of natural disasters and reflects a sense of compassion’.

“We are grateful to all the activists and civil society organizations who demanded to discuss funding for the damage,” he said.

Sameh Shukre added that rich countries have not yet fulfilled their pledge of $100 billion per year to help developing countries strengthen their economies and build capacity to deal with future climate change. Lamented that most climate financing is based on debt.

“We cannot afford to continue in this way, we have to change our approach to this current threat, we need a solution that proves that we are not alone in any country facing this problem,” he said.