Use of Joshanda(harbal medicine) is very effective in flu, seasonal allergies: Indonesian Ambassador Adam Tugio


By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, Jan 11 (Diplomatic Star): Pakistan has a immense potential of herbal medicines as it had increase the use and trust of traditional treatment during and after the coronavirus.

These views were expressed by the Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan Adam M. Tugio while exclusively talking to the Correspondent of Diplomatic Star here.

The Ambassador said that the use of herbal and traditional medicine like Joshanda is very effective in flu and seasonal allergies.

Personally, The ambassador said that he himself used such harbal medicine and found them so effcetive and termed them much more better for good health.

Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan Adam M. Tugio exclusively talking to the Correspondent of Alliance News here.

Ambassador Adam M. Tugio said that there has been a significant increase in the use of herbal as an alternative medicine after and during the coronavirusm pandemic.

Replying to a question about the ieda of harbal medicine, the ambassador Adam that after the epidemic virus, Major pharmaceutical companies have not only shown interest in the harbal side but also put make big investments in the traditional medicine and herbal medicine industry.

The ambassador said that Pakistan and Indonesia are rich in the blessing of herbs, which can be utilized by building large platforms.

He said, ” Herbs are also perceived as important sources of healing and precautionary properties; therefore, the consumers are also demanding green label products. Using traditional Greco-Arab and Islamic medicine was quite common among the Muslim countries during the Golden Age of Arab-Islamic civilization from the seventh to the fifteenth century.”

The Ambassador further said, “Its influence continued to expand from Spain to Central Asia and India and now we are observing a kind of revival of those practices again with the growth of the herbal medicine sector. In Indonesia, traditional herbal medicine known as Jammu is believed to be an authentic natural way to cure ailments and maintain beauty.”

In Pakistan, he said, Unani and traditional medicines are considered reliable sources of healing.

He said, in India, Ayurvedic herbal medicines are very popular and the same is the case with other OIC countries where ancient knowledge and old age prescriptions have an important share in remedies and cure serving humanity. Economic opportunities and challenges.

Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan Adam M. Tugio and Senior Journalist Shabbir Hussain posing for Camera

Replying to another Question, particularly, he said, countries like Pakistan and Indonesia are rich sources of herbal medicines and have the potential to meet global demand.

Interest in Herbal medicine and traditional knowledge is increasing day by day, however, to utilize this opportunity, there is an urgent need for research-based scientific development, and standards-based quality control of herbal drugs, efficacy, safety as well as relevant regulatory enforcement.