A great writer never dies

A great writer never dies

Hafsa Mustansar

No, through all my tears I still shall laugh, Sing songs despite my troubles, Have hope despite all odds, I want to live! Away, you sorrowful thoughts. LESYA Kosach’s, poetry was full of hope and optimism and her passion and love for poetry was higher than Himalayans.

Lesia Ukrainka was a famous writer known for her poetry and plays. She was born in February in the town of Novohard-Volyynsky, Ukraine. She was an active political, civil and feminist activist. She received her early education from her mother and father.

Even after 150 years of her death her message of hope and optimism is as relevant and necessary as it was during her time. At her 150th anniversary on 25th February, the contribution Lesia Ukrainka in literature was celebrated jointly by the Pakistan Academy of Letters and Embassy of Ukraine Islamabad.

The ceremony organized in the honour of Ukrainka, was great success and aspired the people of both countries to work on shared interests. Through the work of writers, poet and literary scholars who are the real ambassadors of their countries, the phenomenon of multiculturalism can be rightly achieved.

Ukrainka had suffered from bone tuberculosis since childhood (12) and lived 42 years of her life. Despite pain and miseries of her life, she always gained victory over pain. She wrote for the desperate people of end 19th to early 20th century and introduced Ukrainian literature to the world.

A poet’s humanity transcends geographical, cultural and religious boundaries. It is rightly said that a great writer never dies, her philosophy remains relevant and it transcends the unascends realities of life.

Lesya Ukrainka who was born with indomitable spirit will always remain a source of hope for the people of Ukraine as well as the people who got the privilege of knowing her.

Ukrainka will be remembered for all the times to come as a poetess, social activist and symbol of hope for the Ukrainian people. She shall always remain a beacon of hope as she herself put it “Have hope despite all odds”.

In Pakistan there are so many writers who have same theme of hope and optimism in their writings and poetry. A striking similarity can be found between Ukrainian and Pakistani literature, in particular the poetries of Allama Iqbal and Faiz Ahmad Faiz, both of them are considered the poet and writer of hope for the downtrodden and the weak. Don’t grieve, for millennium and eons more, Still lie ahead for man in store, The ever spinning heaven blue, Is not devoid of planets new.

This programme is a first step towards promoting the literature of Pakistan and Ukraine. As both countries have some similarities in some aspects of culture and traditions despite having long distance location. Through literary ties both countries know each other and share their common concerns and achievements. It is laudable step that needs appreciation.

The writer associated with Ukraine Embassy, is MPhil in Asian Studies.