Is Mobile the miracle of technological advancement or destructions for future human beings

Is Mobile the miracle of technological advancement or destructions for future human beings

By Shahida Naveed

ISLAMABAD, Nov 07, Diplomatic Star (DS) ;  Looking at multi-frequency and high voltage mobile phone  in the hands of all the parents and drivers in the line outside the school, I will be forced to think for a moment what kind of future we are giving to our children. What would be our future generations.?

There is no denying the fact that mobile is an important invention of the modern technology which has made our lives much easier while some of its impacts on human sociology either positive or negative are more astonishing and somehow tarnishing.

While taking the thought that drive my mind to certain directions of social and psychological impacts of mobile phone usages among people particularly its existence in children of all age groups.

The idea, takes me, towards a mother, who was waiting for her son outside school, I asked several questions related about its impacts on our social and daily life, replying to all my queries, the woman said mobile phone has done a lot in our daily life. Explaining more about its contributions, she said “Mobile break family interactions, there are gaps in relationships. People are busy with mobile phones and do not have time to talk.

The distance between the hearts is increasing. They are busy with mobile phones in a room in a house.”

Surprisingly the answers of this mother having much to investigate more about the use of mobile phone of and its impacts in our family system, with an aim to know about more its effects on human, I have googled the topic and found many health experts videos related about the mobile phone usages and its impacts on our daily lives.

There I found a video of a very well-known and famous health expert of Pakistan Dr Javed Iqbal, In a short video message Dr Javed Iqbal was trying to highlighting the most dangerous impacts of mobile phone usages on our children, especially for those children having under 7 years of age.

Sharing more details of the mobile phone usages and to make it simpler for better understating, Dr Javed Iqbal said that normally the human body produces two relaxation hormones, named ‘Dopamine and ‘Oxytocine,”.

Giving insights of the its impacts, he said two action events is being created one is associated with Dopamine and another is called Oxytocine both are linked with emotions, feelings and excitements.

Narrating the cause effect of mobile phone, Javed Iqbal said that while watching a 2 minutes video games on phone many micro events developed in our mind that is a Dopa Mine which is having more joy than pleasure.

He said the brains produces more chemicals of happiness (oxidosin) through video games which is eventually not good for human health and mind adding the same can be produced by playing various games with children, when parents interact with children, play a game and hug children, oxidosin hormone is produced which is very healthy and soothing ones.

He warned parents that the use of mobile phones is even more dangerous than cigarettes, alcohol and heroin. As a result, children do not get satisfaction and they become addicted.

Emotional damage is more from mobile phone, which is causing more depression in children.

Sharing a story of a small girl to whom he met, said that she was bored in her spare time. I was surprised that adults get bored. Children have a lot of games to play. Cricket, football, tennis, dolls, but children are not attracted to all these things. When children do not meet the need for Dopa mine and If they are not satisfied with playing the game, they can do something wrong or do something wrong.

Replying to a question, he said this research is not being scientifically highlighted because the mobile phone business is worth billions of dollars.


Earlier, First the desktop computers (on each disk), then the laptop (on each lap), then the palm top, and then now the dangerous range is also being heard. It will also be invented as spectacles for the eyes. It is a torment that the virtual world will be in the eyes.

Nowadays, since the holy month of Rabi-ul-Awal is going on, Milad ceremonies are being held everywhere. Recently, I have witnessed the massive infiltrations of mobile usage in our daily life as entered the hall, I saw a video was being made which is not only showing our picture nut also mentioning our names. In Milad, everyone was seen holding a mobile phone and everyone was busy making pictures and videos.

Even some of the girls attending the festival were seen updating their status at the same time, which made their interest in Naat recitation less visible. The woman who organized the festival lives in Dubai herself and Milad was being eaten through live call and audio which was a great blessing that she was sitting far away enjoying the bliss of Milad and Blessed Mehfil but at the same time a Blessed Mehfil was losing her sanctity by using mobile.

Suddenly, “I saw an old man on the road who was slowly defending himself from the cars with trembling hands. I stopped the car and asked Babaji, are you not afraid that a car will hit you? They say it is scary because people are driving with one hand and mobile with one hand. I asked if you have a mobile, they said no, I just have a light, just talk to him.”

According to an estimate, if there are about 100 million elderly people, then about 130 million of our population use mobile as technology advances. Yes, “ I think often If our elders who have not lived in this world come now, they will faint at the sight of it. We don’t know yet and there are so many inventions that we have to lose consciousness.”

I met an elderly woman at the party and she looked very scared of her mobile phone. It is said that the role of mothers in their homes is not the same as before, they now look busier in mobile phones.

“I don’t know how there are parents who give mobile phones as gifts to their children and then use it as the children want. No one checks them. Parents are afraid even while talking to their children. Distances between houses are increasing.”

At the party, I met a woman who works in a bank. According to her, mobile phone was a great boon in Covid 19 when all businesses and jobs were being lost and the economy was being severely damaged.

Mobile played a very important role. Online business, online business, lectures, online meetings and online jobs, online money transfer, all these have saved our country from many losses. She said, “I believe you can use it properly, but its benefits outweigh its disadvantages. A question also arises here. If children are allowed to use mobile phones in schools and colleges, is there any advantage or disadvantage?” No sir, the phone is a miracle. My matriculation and childhood and old friends don’t know where to find me. Listening to them, I remembered that my husband’s old friends have added them to their groups.

There is a group of medical colleges and a group of colleges. My husband’s face is full of joy when there are jokes or various interesting posts in groups. These are beautiful moments to make life exciting and vibrant.

Happiness and radiance on one’s face may reduce some of the moments of tension and sadness and giving a little happiness to someone in this busy lifestyle is also a charity. Now it is up to us whether we waste our time using mobile phone or save both our time and money by using it properly. Your children also need to emphasize the importance of proper use of mobile phones so that their future can be secured.

While walking, a woman found Mili saying, “My parents are in Islamabad. Mobile phone is a blessing for me. I keep my mobile phone with me and in this way I feel very safe. Talking to family members through video call does not make me feel distant.”

In the last few days, when I went to the doctor, he blamed the mobile phone for every disease. According to the doctor, weakness of vision, headache, lack of sleep, feeling of fatigue, lack of exercise, all are the disadvantages of mobile.

People are less visible in the parks and even if they do, they come to upload pictures on social media. People do not enjoy relaxation. A patient sitting there who seemed to be very unhappy with the use of mobile phone immediately said that mobile phone is a waste of money. There is no privacy in life.


Everything immediately comes to the notice of social media. One patient said, “You guys are forgetting. The whole world was affected by Covid-19. In these difficult times, the mobile phone was the only thing that kept people together. It was very easy for you to find different information while relaxing and to share that information with each other.

I met a woman who came from an outside tour. According to her, the qualities of the phone are more if they are used properly. It is said that the importance of mobile is realized by going out of the house.

There are computers in the house. But mobile is something that stays with you everywhere. No one needs to know the way to get information about the topic. Even online classes were taken in Covid’s days. If the family has to go somewhere in an emergency, the children’s education is not affected and the school meetings are also held online.

While shopping, I came up with the idea of ​​asking the shopkeeper for his opinion on mobile. He said that in our village the net signals are low and it is very difficult for us to talk to our family members. If there is an emergency, they are worried. We can’t talk.

Just a few moments ago, I came across a post on BBC News in which some people are sitting in front with their mobile phones in front of them. If you look closely, all those people were watching the match of Pakistan. Some people commented that these people must be talking to a relative from a distant country.

We don’t know how many such examples we find in our daily life in which we see the advantages of the phone and the disadvantages. The decision we have to make is whether the mobile is a hassle or a mercy. Whether we want to benefit from mobile or harm, let’s all work together to save our future generations through the proper use of mobile phones.

I would also like to ask you to try our best to use mobile phones for information and communication for a minimum period of time where it is needed and stop using it unnecessarily and save future generations. ۔ Otherwise, generations without its use can suffer from many diseases and problems. These include suicide, mental illness, depression. To avoid all these diseases, we have to use mobile phones to a minimum.