Pakistan Flood victims needs medical aid to deal with water-borne diseases: Samantha Power


By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, Sept 09 (Diplomatic Star): US Agency for Global Development (USAID) Administrator Samantha Power said that after the devastating and deadly floods in Pakistan, their priority was to provide food and shelter to the victims, but keeping in view  situation during the relief operations, they needed more medical assistance.

The USAID Administrator Samantha Power said, “We recognize that water-borne diseases often arise after a natural disaster of this magnitude, so we have announced It has decided to give some of the 30 million dollars to its partners engaged in relief work related to the health sector.

Yesterday, she had arrived in Pakistan early in the morning to assess the damage caused by the continuous torrential rains and floods.

In an exclusive interview, She said before leaving for a visit to the flood-affected areas of Sindh, Samantha Power highlighted the ways and initiatives on how her agency can further help the flood-affected areas. A

s disease outbreaks are reported, the situation could worsen, with health risks looming as long as floodwaters remain in residential areas.

Explaining his point, he said, “We have already announced 30 million dollars in aid and given the extent of the damage, we know that this amount is not enough, so we are looking at what more we can do.”

On August 30, the United States announced an additional $30 million in humanitarian aid to help those affected by the worst flooding in the country’s history, caused by torrential rains, landslides and glacial lake outbursts since mid-June. announced, the aid is in addition to more than $1.1 million in grants and project support previously announced by Washington.

Depicting the sad situation, she said that the main challenge after the floods is the lack of food, crops have also been destroyed after the rising prices at the worst possible time, I can understand that many farmers are indebted. Yes, they must have planted crops and obtained fertilizers on credit and when the time came to harvest their crops, they had to leave their lands, their homes and run for their lives.

Administrator US also said that his agency has a permanent presence in Pakistan due to which he has a good understanding of the devastation caused by the floods.

Samantha Power added that the team told her that more than 70,000 women are going to give birth next month without proper medical care.

Regarding his six-day visit to Pakistan, he said that there is no better way or alternative than visiting the affected areas to know the situation and personally talking to the displaced families and asking them about their future plans. can not be.